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In demand Healthcare talent On-demand for Post-acute Healthcare facilities.

we provide intelligent workforce management software that can be fully integrated with your facility ( and your specific requirements) for streamlined operations and better quality patient care.

Why Nursd?

While we handle the complexities of staffing/workforce management, you can focus where your heart is - Caregiving.

Streamlined Recruitment

We automate and streamline hiring, training and Workforce Management, reducing the time-to-hire and Cost involved. This helps you handle any last-minute staff shortages efficiently.

Smart Match technology

For every vacancy, find a candidate that has the best-fit skill set and values for your healthcare facility.

Staff optimization

Integrated Workforce Analytics keeps a real-time record of workforce metrics, forecasts the staffing demand & supply and helps you maintain optimal staffing levels by alerting you on potential staff shortages.

Secured and Vetted candidates

Our Rigorous security vetting and credential verification process ensures a high quality talent pool for the facilities to pick from.

Employee Engagement

Continuous feedback programs are built into our platform that provide insights on employee satisfaction levels and help to reduce employee turnover.

How it works...

1. Register / Sign up
Register on our platform with your corporate e-mail. We will Schedule a call/meeting with you to give you a demo and discuss your facility’s requirements.
2.Set up your Facility’s personal portal
You will be assigned a ‘Facility Manager’ and a Sales Executive dedicated to your facility, who will set-up, activate and manage your facility’s personal portal on Nursd Health platform.
3. Submit Shift Request
Log-in to your facility portal, access your job-board, fill up and submit your shift-request.
Sit back and relax,
as we process your request and suggest best-fit candidates. You can connect with the candidates within the platform to complete any remaining hiring formalities.


All your Staffing needs met at one place

  • We understand your Facility’s requirements like no other and help fulfill them by integrating our HR tech platform to your Facility’s operations.
  • We help you hire the right staff, the right amount of staff and maintain it long-term for the best quality care.
  • Integrated workforce analytics helps maintain optimal staffing levels while reducing the time-to-hire and the cost of hiring.
  • We have a solution for all your staffing problems.

Employee Engagement

  • Our shift-tracking and Continuous feedback system built into the software and integrated with your facility’s workforce generates real-time insights on levels of employee engagement and helps you maintain high employee satisfaction.

Improved Patient Care

  • Workforce Analytics and staff optimization result in no overtime for the employees, reduce employee-burnout and employee turnover.
  • Satisfied employees provide better care.

With NURSD, we make your work-life...


Our SaaS based Workforce management Platform comes with intuitive software that is easy for everyone to use. It helps you predict the workforce required ahead of time and streamlines the hiring process. 


We help you hire skilled and qualified nurses to align with your demand and flexibility needs.


Our software helps you, to predict the need of the staff and avoid last minute chaos and panic. We help you fill last-minute shifts within 6 hours as compared to 72 hours traditionally

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